Modus Mortgage. Built to benefit you!
Sure, you can push a button and get a mortgage, but is that right option for you? Modus is a unique mortgage loan originator who works on your behalf to close loans on time and pay attention to the details of your needs to guide you along the way.

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Finding the right home loan can save you thousands of dollars and a ton of headaches down the line. We ask our clients to compare Modus to other lenders and mortgage brokers. We also work with a variety of investors and can offer 30, 20, 15, 10-year mortgage, 1, 3, 5-year ARMS, Conventional, Jumbo, VA and USDA loans.

History of Modus Mortgage

Modus Mortgage was founded by Joe Kelly, NMLS#90356, in 2007. After several years in the lending and real estate industries, Mr. Kelly knew there was a better way to integrate financing into the home buying and selling experience. He understood that there was significant “purchase power” in a lower interest rate. He also knew traditional lenders were taking too much money and that both buyers and sellers could benefit from a better financing structure. 

2005: Mr. Kelly founded Kelly Right Real Estate, under the original name, Soleil Real Estate.

2007: Soleil Home Loans was added. The vision for Soleil Home Loans was to have salaried loan officers provide home loan services and mortgage products under a flat fee format, regardless of the loan amount.  Salaried loan originators offering home loans for a flat fee was a better approach created to benefit Soleil agents and their buyers. 

2012: Mr. Kelly hired a full-time Loan Operations Manager, Louie Flores, NMLS# 1028232.  Mr. Flores was tasked with developing the mortgage operations and expanding it into additional markets in Washington and Idaho.

2013: Soleil opened in Portland, OR.  As the market began to recover, expansion of the company was a natural progression. 

2014: The corporate headquarters moved to its present location in Spokane, Washington with additional employees and support staff.

2015: Mr. Kelly decided it was time for a name change and and rebranded to Kelly Right Real Estate and K Loans NMLS# 1028232 as the new mortgage division. Both are integrated into the new corporate entity, Kelly Right International, Inc.  Affiliated Business Disclosure.

2021: K Loans is completely rebranded to Modus Mortgage. Modus is currently serving: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Florida and Alabama.

Awards from UWM  (United Wholesale Mortgage)

  • 2016 Top 1% 
  • 2018 Top 20 Purchase Loan Officers in Washington 
  • 2019 Top 1% 
  • 2019 Top 20 Purchase Loan Officers in Washington
  • 2020 Top 1%